Thursday, April 21, 2011

You should sit down for this.

We've lived in this house for nearly 13 years.  We once had a green stove.  This high dollar stainless one snagged from the scratch n' dent section was a real upgrade.  But, the idea we have toyed with for all these years is unfolding................

The fridge and stove are trading places.  This island has made it difficult for more than one person to manuever around this kitchen.  The downdraft vent has been less than ideal, though better than none at all.  The lights hanging above had to be degreased often, or look at them greasy.

The fridge is in there pretty tight and has only come out probably twice in all these years.


double ew.

The black strip on the floor is what's left of some ancient linoleum. 

Over the years there's been light efforts of improvement, like paint and knobs.

But this idea was too big to come out until now.

This is to the left of where the fridge was.

We are removing part of this long cupboard to receive the drawer stack that was by the stove.  (the one making  it very hard to move around in the kitchen)

Getting closer.....shrinking it back after we decided it looked way too funny being deeper than everything else.

Mr. Handy wasn't intimidated in the least.

Getting it all put back together now.  Yes, we continued to use the kitchen in this condition!  Coming up will be can lights everywhere and ceiling repairs.  You can see the little bit of red ceiling peeking out, this was the inside of the cupboard.  Exciting, but messy.  There's stuff everywhere!  Stay tuned, there's more to come.  It might take a few months, but it's already looking so much better.

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Prior said...

It is looking good, so been there, working on the place for 14 years, off and on. Lezlee