Monday, May 16, 2011

the table runner says......GREEN PEARS AND LINEN

With things blooming and homeschooling as good as over for this year,

it's got me wanting my dining room table clear and looking presentable and family dinner ready.  I just made that phrase up.  But I tell ya, it's just easier to leave the books there for the next day and eat dinner in front of a movie. and then.....
before ya know it healthy family conversation becomes a bygone.....NOT good.  When I buy pears, it's one for each person and they HAVE TO eat it.  It's mandatory.  No tradsies.  No cookie instead.

So, pears were on sale and I tore up a piece of dropcloth, my new decorating medium., and frayed the edges.  And viola.  My centerpiece is done, until they are ripe enough to eat.  I guess you'll have to come back to see what ends up there next.

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