Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My two latest projects.....

My freebie shutter from the neighbor-because she was moving and was sick of going through her stuff and exhausted over deciding what to keep and what not to keep/ whew! / has been sitting bare for a year now.  

The results that my springy green spray paint would have were making me a little nervous, but I had four more shutters I could use if need be.  But after rubbing some dark brown stain over the paint I got these results.

And then after hanging this botanical print on it, can you do that?  Do people hang pictures on shutters?  I must have gotten the idea from somewhere.  Monkey see, monkey do.  I love it.  The shutter pulls the color of the stems out perfectly.  As for the other's big and messy and you'll have to come back tomorrow.  :)
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Anonymous said...

Hanging a picture on a shutter does seem different...but the way you have it set up looks really cute!

Nice paint job! I like the end results!

Mami Made It said...

Well it looks good. Never thought of hanging a picture on a shutter but it works.