Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Magic of Layering Textures

I've never decorated quite like this before.  I got this old carved frame one day.  I think it was only $3.  If I remember correctly, (funny how we remember things like that) I put something back so I could get THAT frame.  I didn't care for the picture, but the frame was just too good to leave behind.  That was a couple years ago and it just stayed in my stash.  I was thrilled all over again when I pulled it back out.  Somewhere I got the idea to layer them and I just can't get over how great it looks!  Texture, texture, texture!  This wreath has a form made of rolled up newpaper and masking tape!  Yep, what I cheater I am.  Those forms cost money!  And I was probably doing it on a whim one day.  The dryed leaves and flowers were from what I had left or what I made out of and old one that got taken apart.  The ribbon is just a piece of twill tape that was in my sewing stuff.  I think I'll be layering some more textures elsewhere in the house.  I think layering textures is my new decorating rule of the week. 

Desk in the dining room corner.

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