Wednesday, March 17, 2010

THREE DAYS UNTIL SPRING say the angrams.

I saw a picture recently of a woman decorating with angrams.  Realizing I had some of those little vintage goodies and set my mind to get them out.  Pretty interestimg huh?  Since then, I've noticed them popping up.  I saw some on Etsy.  They come in a lot of colors.  I think you could use scrabble letters too.  Although, these cream on black are pretty great.  I think the rules of decorating have changed.  Two new rules that I can think of are 1) Can I see the texture? and 2) What will spray paint do for it?  ---Oh, to have invented spray paint!  Well, we can cheer up, it is three days until spring.  What will the angrams speak of next?

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