Saturday, February 6, 2010

Learning excercise using high frequency word list.

The exercises goes like this: 1) Pick your high frequency word list, such as the list of 500 referenced below. 2) Begin to go through a group at a time, having the student/child read each word. On your copy mark the words they read correctly and the words they say wrong or hesitate with in whatever way you see fit. Have a different copy of the list for each student/child. My list is alphabetized, so I did the a's, b's, and c's in one session with each student. This was about 75 words. Adjust this according to the student/child. 3) Now using the words that they need to work on, come up with some sentences using those words for the next lesson. Put them in the same order as they are found on the list. Use each word in its own sentence. Make the sentences very memorable maybe by using a rhyming word to go with the missed word or just make it very relevant to your life/student's life. example: for "body" our sentence said: Ginger the cat has a small head and a big body. If you saw our cat you would know just how relevant this was. When it comes time for the next session with the student give them the paper with the sentences that you came up with using their problem words. Say the word and ask them to point to that word in the sentence. They are getting a strong visual exercise by singling out the right word from each sentence. Then they can read the whole sentence to you out loud. > This could then lead to dictation of those same sentences on another day. This could be repeated for as many days as it takes to "get" those words and write them independently in sentence context. Have fun and think progress.



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