Thursday, February 18, 2010

Serious educational endeavor!

I picked these up years ago at a library book sale. The kids were much younger and I put them away in the cupboard. The titles kind of scared me, actually! The Federalists Papers sounded good and worth listening too....."contains many of the ideas that made the American Revolution a remarkable political experiment. It has been called the third most important document in American history - third only to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution itself." I was a little intimidated by some of the others. But they were 50 cents, on cassette tape. I love cassette tapes. So I scooped up the whole stack! There are three series here: Giants of Political Thought, Great Economic Thinkers, and The U.S. Constitution. I am seeing them as points of view and schools of thought. You might call it a worldview. So, I'm thinking this is Mrs. B's High School civics/government course. What do you think? A written synopsis for each title? Yeah, that should seal the deal. All for $7.50. This homeschool mom knows what's going on next years makes me want to see if these are the complete set. hmmmm. I think I'm homeschooling myself when I dig into things like this. Maybe it will be family education time. We'll listen....we'll judge.....we'll form an opinion. That's a well balanced education, seeing all sides. So sometime we'll let you know what was up with that Karl Marx guy and just what was his problem with capitalism. By the way, do you know who said, "knowledge is power"? whew! Should I even dig into these this year? I don't know. These were published by Carmichael & Carmichael, Inc. They were produced by KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS. I just found out the whole economic thinkers set of 26 is $194.00. (So I don't have the whole set, darn.) Did I save some money or what? Buying just one book at a time was even a great deal more! Now, I have not listened to any of these yet, so I don't yet know if I can recommend them. I am pleased to say that I am ready for next year's High School Social Studies.

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