Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a good read aloud

Sometimes I wish I had all day to read aloud to the kids. But then I would probably lose my voice, huh? This is a great read aloud. All good stuff and true. It tells about a slave who had been destined to be a prince of his tribe in his native land. How much can I say without spoiling it? It turns out he ended up having a very good attitude and being a hard worker. He eventually got his freedom, not to mention buying the freedom of some other slaves he knew. And to top it off, he professed Christianity! I guess that's why this book was a library discard. hmm. Now, what shall our next read aloud be, I'll feel like a failure if we don't get through at least a dozen this year. We haven't read aloud near enough the past 3 years, I just got to get back on a roll. Any suggestions? I don't have any ONE particular theme this year. Just want to read the best.
I was considering The Golden Goblet.

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