Monday, September 28, 2009

Peter, The story of a deserter who became a forceful leader. by Ethel Barrett

Having just finished this book, I had to give a little shout out about it! I have several books by Ethel Barrett that I acquired over the years and we have some Christian books on tape with her as the narrator. After reading this one out loud to the kids I'm eager to get to the rest of the stack! Maybe it was just the subject matter, I've been contemplating the book of Acts lately? Whatever, it struck me as a good read and I think I will look to collect more books by this author. This is part of a whole series in which she writes about Bible heroes. I loved the way it made the happenings so real. ".......I'd love to see the faces of those chaps in the Sanhedrin when the Temple police tell ' em we're here, Peter thought, grinning. They'll be sent back here to nab us any minute now." This is, of course, referring to after they were freed from prison by the Lord. Ready for those exploits?? Honestly, the book really boosted my faith.

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