Monday, September 14, 2009

fried ice-cream!

Has anyone every tried making fried ice-cream? We did. It was much easier then I expected. And I thought it would be a great company treat because you can do most of it ahead of time. Here's how: 1st) Make three inch balls of vanilla ice-cream and let them freeze up really solid in the freezer before the next step. I'm sure you could use another flavor, but I think vanilla is pretty original and goes well with the cinnamon. 2nd) beat egg whites and put them in a shallow dish and crush corn chips and put them in another shallow dish. Put cinnamon in the egg whites. You can put some in the corn flakes too, but I figure most of that must come off when you fry them. I also tossed some powdered sugar in with the egg whites. (I always modify a recipe as I go along) 3rd) Roll the ice-cream balls in the egg white mixture first and then the corn flakes, do this 2-4 times until the ice-cream is well coated. Freeze them again for a few hours. You want them very firm. Last) Heat up oil and fry them for 10-15 seconds. Serve with whip cream in a can ( so it looks professional you know) cherry, and chocolate syrup! of course, you can use what ever flavors that you like best. I used a small sauce pan with about 2 1/2 inches of oil and just did one at a time by rolling it around the whole time until it was evenly done. Yum. We will definitely to this again. Wanna come over?

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks great!