Monday, July 27, 2009

a great book series

I've had my mind on school a lot lately as I get ready for the upcoming year. I thought it would be great to tell you about some of my favorite books. These are sold at Bluestocking Press and here is the website for further investigation. These are books about economics, justice and politics and world wars and how they still effect us today. I personally have not read all of them from cover to cover, but two of our older boys have read some or all and they have had a positive mind shaping effect. Just know that they are not politically correct. They are what some would call 'opinion based', especially the books on wars. Of course, we all know that what shows up on the news and what comes out after the fact are very different when it comes to what is happening and has happened in the world. What Ever Happened to Penny Candy was the first one in this series that we bought to read. I knew right away that these would be "must reads" for our boys at least. This particular book explains economics in a very understandable way in what is called apostolic format, meaning question and answer format between two parties. In the case of these books it is an uncle talking to his nephew, thus the name: Uncle Eric Books. In my home schooling endeavors I'm pretty selective about what I bring in as part of the curriculum and personally I don't really like cleaving to typical curriculum alone. I think it can be quite limiting, in fact. I like to think I select reading material that produces strong thinkers. The ideas in these books run parallel with the thinking of the founding fathers of this country, if that's worth anything to you, I personally think that there is much value in that, though not flawless. I highly recommend these books. Most, if not all at this point, have study guides that go with them. These have questions to go with the chapters as you read through the book and suggests additional books and movies (discretion advised) about the topic.

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