Saturday, July 25, 2009

painting for the neighbor

Right now Sam and I are painting the neighbor's house. I am very tired and very sore! But we are making money, so that is good. I think it's good for any kid to be part of a LOOOONG project like this. (It's really all de'ja'vue because we just did this on our own house just last summer!) It's good to work and make money! Of course, money isn't everything. We are ready to paint a large portion of our first side, a good milestone. The neighbor seems pleased and might just let us paint the whole thing! Oh man. Am I up for that? There's no pressure, just a neighbor that's glad we are here and available and she does not want us to move away at all or anytime soon. We are using an extension ladder and scaffolding, which I am really glad we have. On an extension ladder it seems like you have to strain every muscle to keep your balance while you shake around scraping and painting. The scaffold is better, you can relax. I have bruises on my legs from leaning onto a ladder for so long, owie. We are taking a break for the weekend and then back to work on Monday. work work work. So, that's where we are spending a lot of our time these days and will be for another month or so. Well, I'll have to go now, I'm making Saturday morning brunch, which is going to end up being right at lunch time, and I have a cake to make for tomorrow.

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