Saturday, September 1, 2012

The bitter-sweet event of the firstborn moving out

This day had been a long time coming.........our oldest has moved out into his own place.  We had plenty of help to move the 15-20 items.  We our very proud of him and how he has pursued his higher education without flinching.  While he has done much of it online and worked fulltime to pay for it himself, the time came to move closer to the school for the rest of the program and hands on learning and class time.  God blessed him with a $1000 scholorship to boot.

He's usually doing something like this.  This "side interest" may have landed him his new job to help get through school.  We are proud of what you have become and we love you very much.


sandra said...

He is a handsome young man. I am sure he is also a fine, upstanding young man, and he will do great. Just concentrate on the "sweet part", it will be an adjustment, but it will be so worth it when he graduates!

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