Saturday, September 1, 2012

What the cadets have been up to.

Here's Andy awaiting another O-flight, his fifth maybe?  Or he might just be looking cool standing in front of it.  But that yellow vest indicates he's been busy keeping the tarmac a safe place.

Abi with a couple of extras hanging out in our kitchen.  They are either done or getting ready to go present the colors at a truck pull.  Would somebody close those cupboard doors?

Abi is donning her dress blues here waiting in line to ride the farris wheel.
something must have been funny
Don't they look so sharp?

The Color guard has been able to perform for a crowd several times this summer.  Here's Andy taking a self portrait of his "gobsmackingly" good looks.  The celebrity status is going to their heads!  The practice in front of a crowd has been great though because they want to go to competition in the spring.

More hanging out in my kitchen with the doors open!

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