Friday, July 29, 2011

ta da! the table is done and.....the ORANGE curtains and dinning room I never showed you!

This is the table now.

The finish was very sticky and always smudged with pencil graphite.  I had to get out a scrubby to clean it and even then it wasn't very clean.

My ORANGE curtains made from dollar a yard shirting!  I've got ten whole dollars wrapped up in these.  The fabric came from big box mart.  It was a gamble, but I like it.

another angle

My $20 garage sale dresser from last summer.

Fancy dishes and do-dads.

The "lady with sicle" reminds me of hard work and harvest time.

I'm trying to get you a shot of the soft gray/green on the legs.  I almost wish I had done cream, but now I'm tired.  I'm just so glad to say it's finished.....

Hopefully I'm preparing my mind and heart for my best homeschool year ever and we can put miss decorator wanna-be in the closet.  (Probably not, but just say'in)

I'm loving it, and boy is it smooth and VERY cleanable.


Joyce said...

It looks great, I am not normally an orange fan, but the curtains look fantastic!

Confessions of a French Cowgirl said...

lady with the sickle - "song of the lark!" one of my favorite books by the way.