Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Jeep for a new job!

Things are changing.  Two and a half months ago I applied for a job as a substitute rural mail carrier.  You have to go through quite a process.  I'm finally ready to go through about 8 days of training starting next week!  While we were waiting around we found this used right hand Jeep Cherokee.  Notice the steering wheel is on the wrong side.  So, this long time stay at home mom is going to work part time.    I can honestly say, I never imagined myself as a "mail lady".  It's really a funny thought!  But it pays well and I believe the Lord paved the way for me, that's the important part.  I hadn't posted in a while, so I thought I'd tell  everyone about it.  My stats say that around 50 people stopped here last week!  Other than that, I've been making good things out of venison.  Yesterday was jerky, tomorrow will be brat style sausages with my spices from Frisco that came today.  I'm working on filling up the freezer these days.  What are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun. I bet you are exited! What am I doing? Well I am starting to get ready to fly to Colorado! Mom and I are going to get Kourtney from school.

Pat I said...

Sweet ride, Jeannie!