Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 days and 4 nights

Tomorrow brings me to the last day of training for my rural mail carrier job.....for this week.  I got to stay in this pretty hotel, though expensive.  But hey, I get reimbersed! 
I also got to eat some very yummy cuisine.  And I also got to overcome my dread of driving around the big city.  (After this afternoon the dreadful feeling returned and I have a headache)  I did get a little turned around today, but then I figured it out. 

 But, I really miss home and family.  I am really not used to being away like this.  I wanna go HOME!  Next week I'll be back for another 3 days at another place and the next  week I have a training course on the special mail car, at yet another place!  So, that's where I've been.  It's been busy for me, but good.

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