Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old wooden boxes: I'm linking up.

Funky Junk Interiors is hosting another great party.  I just had to snap some pictures and link up.  The theme today is CRATES and BOXES.  So this post is going to have the very lived in and unstaged look. K?

A small cheese box keeps our envelopes and stamps handy right on the desk top.

I love a fruit crate.  This one catches stray videos and dvd's.  Keeps things neat.

 A recent $2 find from a garage sale, this one is perfect for a double stack of magazines. 

I warned you this would be el'natur-el.  My trunk coffee table is perfect for us.  It should hold up to dusty booted feet resting on it for years to come.  In order to use it as a blanket trunk, it had to be upside down.  oh well. 

And then there is this thing.  I think it's a feed trough of some sort.  I did clean it up some and it continues to weather in the back yard.  I thought of mounting it on the wall and putting books or magazines or I suppose it could stay outside and have flowers in it?

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