Friday, June 11, 2010

Kabob Craze

For some reason I've made kabobs twice in one week.  They just sounded good.  It's really been a while since I posted about food.  We do still eat, let me tell ya!  We do.  Tonight it was beef and veggies with Italian type seasonings.

Something about everything on one stick is just is so well rounded.  Just add some potatoes.  I put all the veggies in one bowl and coated them in olive oil and then sprinkled with garlic salt and Italian seasonings~lots.  If I had had FRESH garlic, I would have used it, definately better. 

For the meat I did the same thing but put in a little Marsala cooking wine and a bit of Worshestishire sauce and a tad of liquid smoke, my son's idea.  I've got one word for you~ MARINATE!  Then make sure the grill is hot.  The great thing about beef is that it's better rare.  Yum.  If I weren't so full, I'd go have another.
I only used two packages of steak and the rest was veggies:  grape tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and zucchini.  Served HOT CRASHED POTATOES on the side from PW's site.  Or was that crashed hot potatoes.  Anyway, boil red potatoes first, then smash them open onto a olive oil coated cookie sheet.  Drizzle with melted butter and more olive oil and season.  Garlic, salt and fresh ground pepper are good.  Then bake them at 450 until sizzle-y and crisp.  I like to broil them a little bit at the end to make them crispyer all around.

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