Sunday, March 21, 2010

something spectacular from a chipped plate

I'm in the midst of a total house makeover, a small time one anyway.  I was wanting a jewelry/perfume tray for my dresser.  My dresser hides in the corner usually with a stack of books on it.  It has been needing some charm for a long time.  I had a few ideas to make one out of a picture frame but then I thought about this chipped white platter and decided it would be just right.  These two little birdies were a gift and they were in need of a make over too.  They just don't seem to fit in anywhere, but brown paint topped with white dry brushed on was just right for the plate.  I added a clear coat so they could be dusted.  The plate, by the way, was literally retrieved from a trash pile.  It wasn't even chipped at the time, that happed after several months at my house.  The little birdies, once they got their new paint job, were just hot glued on.  So simple, why didn't I think of it sooner?
I almost painted them blue but I had to remove the blues from my room during my great makeover.  I think the brown/white makes them look like they always belonged together.  Maybe it would make a nice party tray too.

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Heather said...

Cute birdie transformation and they look adorable on that platter! Thanks for sharing.

Alisha said...


Linda said...

What a cutie patootie you have here with this neat makeover...luv it! Come by for some fun at my NTT par-tay!


Sandy said...

I just love sweet little birds and your makeover is wonderful!


Marilyn Holeman said...

I came by way of Reinvented. I LOVE this project! Such a cute way to rescue that chipped platter! Thanks for sharing.


Sherry said...

Love what you did to the birds. Looks fantastic.
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