Friday, January 22, 2010

a conversation with an old friend......

Recently an old friend asked me to tell her all about homeschooling. How do you do it? What books do you use? She wanted to know all about it because she's thinking of giving it a try. This is what I wrote:

With hot tea near by and a fresh brownie down the hatch, I sit to talk about what I love about homeschooling......thought it would be great to start at the bright side of things. Wait, let me grab another brownie.....just kidding. When you asked me to tell you all about homeschooling, I thought, "Gee, where to start?" So today I got knocked upside the head with the idea of breaking it down into a series of emails. How's that sound? So girl, we are gonna start with what this girl simply LOVES about homeschooling. By the way, I really try to stir plenty of humor into my life. I don't know what your preconceived ideas are about homeschooling, but my oldest is 18 1/2 and I've been at this since he was born. Yes, most homeschoolers would agree, homeschooling starts at birth.

What I love about homeschooling: I love.....

That my children do not have to leave the house early with every hair in place donning the latest fashions (from what I've seen that involves a lot of bare skin and such things as skeletons and rebellious statements on clothing)

That their encounters with bullies or young jerks is less likely, not non existent though.

That even if there is a blizzard going on outside, we have had no trouble making it to school. On such days, we've even been know to get twice as much done.

That even if the Pub. S. down the block is off for the day, it doesn't necessarily apply to us. Again, we make our schedule according to our goals.

That there are no parent/teacher conferences to attend, I'm both, like it or not. I'm always having a conference about homeschooling-in my head. Hubby and I have been known to jokingly claim we are having a parent/teacher conference on our way out for a lunch date.

That my children can practice math and snuggle their favorite pet at the same time.

That I can challenge my children as much as they are able or slow down and throw out all the latest educational fads if I feel it's necessary. Hey, I can even start my own new fad.

That I can create an educational plan suited to each one according to their needs and abilities, even making it revolve around their personal interests.

That not everyone had to learn to read at age 7 or master multiplication at 10. (hope nobody was watching)

That we can teach the culinary arts as well as language arts. Yes, they all know what saute' and mince mean.

That we have been able to keep close family ties and develop a strong family identity.

That I don't have to dig out cash to cover lunch in the school cafeteria, or worry about qualifying for the free lunch program. Oh man, it's been a while since I thought about that noisy place.

That when we want to go on a field trip, dad can go too, provided he can have the time off.

That we can take a family vacation whenever it suits us.

That the materials I use for education are virtually endless, some of them even FREE. Every book, poster, video, audio book, real life experience, map, interview,'s all part of my curriculum.

That this road and God's spirit have turned me into a (more) patient, loving, kind, gentle, even tempered, motherly, confident and smart individual. (Hope I didn't miss any adjectives.)

That I get to spend a lot of time with my kids.

That we have our own library because the public one sold all the really good books to us for 25 cents to a dollar a piece. I guess they were too God fearing, God honoring, or good character building for this modern world. Ok, maybe some were outdated or replaced by an honestly revised edition. I have a lot of books.

That there is a huge selection of curriculum and materials to use. Some of it is being written my homeschooling parents and even home schooled kids, before and after graduating. Of course, when you home school, you can instill a love of learning and the idea that learning never stops.

This is kind of long, but I have to make sure it outweighs the "what I don't like about homeschooling" list......Next we'll talk about what my husband loves about me homeschooling our kids. I've got to get him to unload on me first.

until next time..........


Alisha said...

Hello Mrs,Jeanie
Just thought I would tell you that Im guilty of being a blog peeper every now and then. Really like the way you lay that homeschooling line down.I need your quik whitted mind. My mind gos all goofy when people ask me about homeschooling.


hey, I'm so glad you commented. I almost didn't put up that post! I peeked at your blog also and I'm sure I'll return. Maybe we can have dinner and visit with you guys with family next time we make it down that way....

Alisha said...

Id love that...I also love all the pictures you have taken of the farm house.I had to show Dan, he was blown away at the WORK that you guys have done. It is awesome.Oh Im a reguler to your blog, just a little shy to comment. Sounds strange, I know I get these crazy things in my thoughts that say she dont even probley remember you...just pop up out of the blue and start commenting--LOL:0


comment away please. I looked at your blog really quick the other night. adorable picture of the boys. they are all very cute/handsome. I'll check back sometime. (don't tell anyone, but I'm trying not to spend too much time on the comp. shhhh) I'm thinking of hosting a free giveaway of a spelling program. make sure you watch for that and enter.

Alisha said...

Good, I need to learn how to spell..LOL :0