Monday, March 10, 2008


Hey everyone, Bryan here. It's been a while since I posted(a long while)so I thought I would just tell you what's been going on. To start with I was sick for about two weeks. Then I went to work with my dad for a couple of weeks to help him wire a house before he started his new job. He started today so now I have tons of time to do my school. While we were wiring the house the plumber that was there came up with a brilliant word. bossmanship. It's kind of hard to explain the meaning in words but I'll try. If you are the boss on a job and you tell your crew to do the job wrong that's bad bossmanship. That was about as clear as mud. That's an example of bad blogsmanship. See you soon!

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the Anne Girl said...

AAHAHH! Bossmanship! That's hilarious. You should start "Buckmaster Natural Bossmanship" (you know, like Parelli Natural Horsemanship). You would start this program about how to become a good boss. :P

Tell your parents Happy Belated Anniversary! Abi looked cute in that dress. I was super impressed by all the beadwork. :) Hope y'all are feelin' better.