Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yesterday I was sitting by a irrigation well hunting deer. I had seen some does, but I was after a buck. I decided to walk down a road that was in between a corn field and the creek. When I got to the end of the corn I saw a few more does but did not shoot at them. Then all the does started to go into the standing corn. I thought that they were going right through the corn field so I walked back down the road. When I got back to the well I saw another doe, when it left I went back down the road again to see if there were any more deer on the other side of the corn. There were not any deer so I started to walk back to the well. When I was only about 30 yards away from the well my buck jumped out of the field ten feet in front of me. It started running strait away from me down the road. I started to chase it. It started to turn to my left then it changed it's mind and turned to the right. He stopped about 75 yards out and I shot him in both lungs and the heart. He started to run again and I took another shot at him and miss over his back. I shot the rest of the bullets in my gun at him and hit him in the rear.


the Anne Girl said...

Nice buck Sam! I'm glad you got one. :)
I like the first picture of you leaning against the buck ( it made me laugh ). :P

DaveWick said...

Nice one Sam! Sounds like you worked hard to get him.

Moriah said...

All right you got a buck! We can't go hunting this season .... we didn't get signed up for our hunter safety course early enough. But that doesn't stop us from going out hunting with our dad! We have seen a couple nice bucks so far! Well got to go! Nice buck!
Moriah and Simeon

Andrews cubby said...

will you please pass this on to the rest of the family that i'm going to try to do another blog here is my