Tuesday, September 4, 2007


September first was the opening day of dove season. My dad, my brothers and I got up early that morning and drove down to Shell creek. Dad dropped Sam and I off at the north end of the area that we hunt, then he and Andy went to the south end. Sam and I started walking down a road through a corn field, the weeds on the road were soaking wet, and pretty soon we were too. Once we got to the creek we started seeing doves, our problem was that we were shooting terrible. All that morning I only shot two doves, dad shot five, Andy shot two and Sam shot one. When Sam and I got back to where dad and Andy were it was about 10:00 so we went home and ate. Later in the day about 5:00 we went out again, dad dropped Sam and I off at the same place he had that morning. This time we did a lot better, we started seeing doves as soon as we got out, we jumped six off a mud puddle, I shot one and Sam shot one, I found mine but Sam could not find his. About a minute later a dove flew by and Sam shot it, just around the corner from there two doves jumped up and I shot one. When we were just about to the creek we saw a dove land, we snuck up on it and Sam shot it just as it jumped up. We walked on down the creek to where dad was, (he had one dove) then we went home and cleaned our birds. We took home fifteen all together, we plan to wrap them in bacon and grill them. yummmm!


Your Cousin said...

It sounds like you hade a lot of fun!
Did Abi go hunting or was she just in the pictures?
YUM! I really like dove, and dove grilled with bacon suonds VERY good!!!:P

Your loving cousin

Kayla said...

Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!
I have never been dove hunting before.
My dad and Jake went dove hunting allot last year! When they brought some home we ate it and it was sooooooo good!