Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Painting the contrasting color......

If you look really hard you can see penciled lines.  I made a template of a diamond shape and traced it over and over.  I started down the center using one of the seams in the wood and worked out from there.

I was using painters tape at first but it took way too much time.  The corners had to be cut exact with a razor blade.  So I abandoned that and just free handed the green painted diamonds.

More green diamonds!  Looking pretty cool at this point.  I think I quit for the day at this point.  These green diamonds took me three days.  Hard on the legs and back.
By now I was curious about how the glaze would look so I tried some in the corner.  People said it looked like "smeered mud", "spilled coffee" and "chocolate milk".

Almost done with the green.  I still had to save the bath, pantry and a little bit more for another day.  It was just that exhausting!

A big sigh of relief after all the green was done.

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