Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fast Forward on the Floor!

I can't find all my pictures at the moment, so I'll post what the floor looks like now.  I'll have to do some before/and afters after I find them.  This picture shows the design painted and then the gel stain/glaze.  I still

need to top coat......about 4 or 5 times.  The green took me 3 days, which was way longer than I expected!  It was brutal being down on the floor like that.  I started out using tape which had to be razor cut for each corner.  Then it was peeling up the paint.  So I went to just free handing after I drew the lines with pencil.


Abigail said...

Its looking good!! :)

tomboysuz said...

Your kitchen floor turned out so great. I'm about to do something similiar to our wooden plank floor on our screened porch and am going for a translucent effect - with a lighter paint in a similar diamond pattern.

I'm just not sure about how to achieve what I want. I found a picture, here:


and am trying to figure out how to get that look. Any ideas? Thanks