Thursday, July 7, 2011

back to the kitchen: The great stove switch that went all bad!

It has been at least three weeks since I took off (well ok, gave the order for one of the boys to remove) all the kitchen doors.  I have worked on them at least every other day.  I had a full week straight right off the bat, so that really helped get me going.
Above you can see the old stove was still in and there are no handles on the drawers.  They were sanded and painted several times.  They went from stacks on the floor, then back in several times.  I don't think they have been fully closed most of the last three weeks.  You can see some can lights which were not there before.

Here is the "new" stove and the drawers in place all done with the pulls back on!  wow.  I was getting sick of grasping the bottom half inch of the drawer to get it open.  This stove is looking much better than the other one.  The other on was a built in and since the fridge was in the place it is actually too wide.  If you look really close........

you can see that the outer glass is missing!  It fell over in the truck and shattered.  But, we found out that the cost will be minor and the stove is usable the way it is.  A little worse than spilled milk, is what it is.

still working on the ceiling.  We had a leak a few years back and we also changed the lights to cans.
I finished putting all the doors that were done on this morning.  The hood vent is now in, didn't have one of those before.  So, today I carry on with finishing however many doors I can.  I tried satin finish for the final coat, but it was way too flat and not very washable, so I had to get yet another bucket of paint!  Hopefully it will be all back together next week.

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