Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A fresh look on top of the piano.

In the process of  sprucing up the dining room, the piano top was included.

I changed to "orange" striped curtains.  I know you are cringing.  So, I'm trying to add some blues and rust tones.  I'll show you the rest, including the curtains, as soon as I get up the nerve.  I'm still working on the room and getting ready for a city-wide garage sale!

This book is full of Audubon prints.  This is the center of the book.  I got it for a ridiculous price from a used book store going out of business.  I like to have my kids see BEAUTIFUL art worth looking at.  They should move past stick figures as soon as possible.

My most interesting mix yet, I antique mint tin? hmmmm

close up of "Ruffed Grous"

I would just love to know what restorative nervine is.  Anyway, there's some "blue" dressed up with a little dollar store twine.

About all the wooden candle sticks.  I seem to collect them like I did cute little girl dresses when I finally had a girl.  In my dreams I'm a home stager/wedding planner/interior decorator.  Don't ask me why, it's just a creative bent.  Blame my mother.

That sewing machine drawer keeps popping up everywhere around here.

The whole scene....I've been avoiding showing you that ugly vent, it's always been in the way.

I'm linking to HOME BY HEIDI today!

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