Tuesday, May 24, 2011

whatchamacallit bouquet

I was inspired by a magazine photo recently, like THAT never happens!  The picture showed 3 small blue bottles inside a large clear vase with strait sides, maybe you saw the same one?
Cute, huh?  Is it possible to be bored with a "normal" flower arrangement?  Maybe this is just a classic case of   monkey see ~ monkey do . 

Theirs did not have the antique plate underneath, ok?  And those little "vases" are actually salt and pepper shakers.  This might have to go on the table runner after we all eat our very own pear.
I like this new "method" of flower arranging.  I tried it with a couple of clips of crabapple blossoms and it was beautiful!  Didn't post that one though.  one more picture.....

These are just clippings from a bush.  No trekking out to the flower shop here, in fact I leaned out the kitchen window!

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