Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dropcloth slipcover for the Goodwill couch.

It is finally done.  It's not that it took so long, it's just that it took so long to get to it!  argh!  But that's one more project down.  And I'm really trying to keep the new ideas to a bare minumum.  Browsing blogs makes it REALLY hard though.
I do need more pillows, working on that.  I want to get some feather pillow forms.  I think they make much better couch pillows.  This is the couch I got from the Goodwill for around 40 bucks!  It took 2 large $19 dropcloths.  I'm really pleased with it!

The before picture:

completely yucky, right?


Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...

you did an incredible job with your slipcover! i featured you today. it's so simple and sweet and i love your coffee table!

Staci @ Life's Sweeter with Chocolate said...

I'm amazed. I've been wanting to do our couches, but I'm not brave enough too... yet... :)

Heather said...