Sunday, December 12, 2010

I spray painted our state flower.

I'm joining a spray paint linky party today!  genius!  I have no before picture that I could find quickly of this wreath.  I will say this:  it was really ugly, but I just left it to hang on the back porch where it continued to fade and get even uglier.  

So, one day when I decided to restyle the mantel I got a wild hair to spray paint it, of all things.  Who would think of such a thing?  It took a little white and green that I had on the shelf to achieve this from a very faded yellow wreath made of dried Golden Rod from a Nebraska ditch.  I don't really think you are suppose to pick it.  oops!
This is Golden Rod, probably THE very bundle I made the wreath from.  It was suppose to be pretty, it just wasn't.  The curvy frame is spray painted too!
Take a look at the PRETTY IN PAINT PARTY, I'm linking there tonight.

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