Friday, September 17, 2010

Bringing you all up to date......

Ok, so I made it through that last hoop, after receiving a nerve transplant from Jesus.  I would come to find out that I would need a couple more (at least) of those 'nerve transplants'.  I've never been so nervous, so much, in such a compressed amount of time ever!  I thought I would just be sick a couple of times.  But all you can do is jump in and do what's expected of you.  All I can say is:  Be nice to your mail carrier!  It's harder than it looks.  There is a lot to remember on serveral levels and a huge pressure to get done by a certain time.  It seems down right impossible at first.  I truly did not know how I was going to be able to do it.  But low and behold, last Tuesday, I finished the whole route alone for the first time.  There were many things in my favor, like light mail and no certified letters (I don't like those things, they eat up my time) and not as many packages as the day before.  So all that helped, but I got done around 3:30 pm!  This was pretty morale boosting.  This Saturday I work again, so it will likely be more challenging.  I will have no help casing, which is putting the mail in the right order, at all.  I'm not very proficient at this part yet.  But I do feel that I'm almost 'out of the woods'.  So, all is well, but looking forward to it being a little better.  I'm still in one piece.   

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