Sunday, April 11, 2010

my mini cloche thingy and my mantel made over, again

Everywhere I look I am seeing these "cloches".  I never heard of such a thing.  I found this globe on Saturday while I went junk shopping.  (I REALLY hit the jackpot:  more projects)  It's very small, so I'm calling it my mini-cloche.  It is one of those glass parts to a wall mounted or candlestick type candle holder.  Right now I don't have it on a pedestal or anything, just on the mantel, which I tweaked 54 times in the last 3 days after going to the mantel party linked to in the previous post and seeing all the great styles and ideas.  I couldn't help myself.  Bird nests are big right now too.

My picture is a little blurry, but here's my mini cloche.  The bird eggs are real because we have collected them at times.  (then they get broken and we have to collect some more) It's just a little wad of spanish moss plus a little twine tied around the 'handle'.  So, basically I paid just the 50 cents for the globe and the other stuff I had.  There, now I have one of those.  Monkey see, monkey do. 

Here's my mantel right now.  I think I shall have to make a pedestal for my cloche with bird nest with real eggs.  The two chunkier 'candlesticks' are really a salt and pepper mill set.  Maybe I could use one of those for my pedestal?  Anyway, I will probably paint and distress those.  Then I should get some candles, but what color?  I have a confession:  I spray painted that wreath.  It was a pale yellow goldenrod flower with sumac berries ugly wreath that got uglier as it faded.  So I painted it with a sort of dusty teal color and then gave it a little 'dusting' with white spray paint.  I'm thrilled it turned out so well, it was on its way to the trash can.  I still think I need a pedestal for the cloche....hmmm I think I have another shaker somewhere that is bigger, I could spray paint it.  I which I had invented spray paint.

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Anonymous said...

I love it the way it is:D The whole mantal looks great! I think the cloche looks good without a pedestal. I think if you got some dark red candles it would add a splash of color.