Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lovely junk made over, let's just say EMBELLISHED!

Remember this?  I picked it up on the side of the road last week.  You've never done that, right?

I EMBELLISHED it, a lot.  I had a really dreary spot in my home where you go down to the basement.  The electrical box is so lovely, don't you think? not. 

So now, it looks like this.....

I'm feeling pretty thrilled with my freebie.  One of my sons carved this duck when he was about 13.

So, now instead of this dreary tunnel when you go into the basement, your eye falls on this assortment of neat things.  I'm linking to trash to treasure Tuesday from Reinvented  & Just something I whipped up Monday  from The Girl Creative blog.


Alisha said...


Anonymous said...

Great find! Love how you used it and some other things to cover up the fuse box ;-)

Laura Lofgreen said...

Looks super. I love getting freebies too. Visit me at www.mydeartrash.blogspot.com. Much love.