Saturday, January 2, 2010

They taste like truffles, unbelievable!

Well, if you want to razzle dazzle some guests or make an edible gift, about 60 of these will run you about 5 or 6 bucks. This morning I'm getting ready for some company and a party/meal ~ yes, again! I thought I would try these with lemon cake. They actually taste like truffles, just a little spongy-er. I wanted raspberry, but it was not available. Maybe next time. I think it would be really good. What an unexpected treat from a box cake mix and commercial frosting. Those two cost me less than $4 and I had the chocolate for the coating. Well, I need to go finish the other half of them, just having a coffee break. And I need to vacuum, make this, chop that, wash the dishes, take a shower.....whoa...bye for now. They're coming at noon. Found this recipe one day while I was out clicking and linking and looking at: This picture is from the site, mine did not quite look that good, but I suspect they picked the best three out of sixty for the photo shoot. Don't you?

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