Monday, January 18, 2010

Reading Fluency

I've never been big on charts and measures, but I found this site while I was searching for some grade appropriate reading exercises to increase fluency. Most of my books are in boxes right now. Easy CBM is a site that provides curriculum based measures (CBM) in several areas. While I am aware that my curriculum definitely differs from what was used to create these particular benchmarks I have found them helpful anyway. By the way, I personally barely cleared the reading proficiency they give for the 8th grade. Oh no, I'm at risk! I compared a couple of different sources for benchmarks and they do differ some. One did not expect (or require?)improvement after the 8th grade. Say what? What I like about this one site is that they have a broad selection of measures ready and waiting to print and you can track your student's progress right there on the site. They show a handy chart and everything! I am currently only using the reading fluency measures on this site. So, as a result, I am demanding consistent improvement and aiming for the 90th percentile. I never did this with my older two, because once they got lost in their first great book, I never had to force them to read anything. Reading proficiency and, or fluency was not something I ever worried about. However! Not all children are alike! So, here I am using charts and measures, not my typical style. My goal is to make lovers of learning, not speed readers and spelling bee winners. Don't have a problem with those that do, it's just not my personal goal in educating my own children. How this site is used is that you create an account, they don't require much information. Then you give a one minute timed test to determine cwpm (correct words per minute) read by each student. This site will tell you exactly how to give the test, in case you couldn't figure that out on your own. They provide tutorials and tests for you, the teacher/parent to pass. Ok, moving right along. You then record the scores and it will keep track of the progress for you as you enter data for each student. I like the charts and how at a glance I can see the improvement and where I am in relation to the goal. So, for this year, we are graphing and charting progress in reading! I do find that it is challenging me, but I also went into it ready to commit to whatever was going to get results! Check it out, you may find it helpful.

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