Friday, November 6, 2009

new link and more free homeschooling>>>>>>>

While looking for some fresh and free worksheets to brush up on our human anatomy around here, I found this site: Homeschool Helper . It has some stuff that you might find useful. Note booking, lap booking, reports, record keeping, etc...... I'll put a permanent link over to the right. Here's one of the worksheets they had for labeling anatomy, isn't nice? Now, I'll probably find that I already have dozens to choose from once I start digging. Once we did a life (kid) sized body outline with all the organs inside. Yep, colored that stomach and stuff up real pretty and glued 'em on. (memories!) Another time we did a skeleton. (Or maybe we meant to, and didn't quite get it done......) Fun times. Anyway, check out the site, you might just spark a few ideas. Careful, you might really ignite some learning fire. oops!

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Neat! Thanks:)