Sunday, August 9, 2009

ready to use writing prompts book at my fingertips

Remember the free writing prompts pages I told you I found online? I have now put them together in a book (three ring binder, one of my best ways to keep organized). They are together and ready to use. Now, when will we be starting school? who knows. hmmm. Should be around September first or so. I emptied out one of many dozen binders that was full of stuff that I really did not need anymore. I threw them away, yay! Really making progress here, throwing old stuff away, bringing the new stuff that I need to use this year. this is very good. So anyway, at least to amuse someone, here is a picture of my writing prompts collection so far. There is lots more room in this big 3 inch binder to add more, which I plan to do. Again these were taken from a website for teachers and there is a link in the right margin here to go to the site. Click on "writing prompts" in my LINKS TO EDUCATION list.

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