Monday, July 20, 2009

writing prompts

You know those books (those $30 books) that give a picture and a writing prompt? I've been on a search of free home schooling lessons and stuff. And man, have I been hitting the jackpot. I found some great free writing prompts just like in those books at The other link below is the direct page link to the daily writing prompts. I am very excited about it. Many of the pics/prompts are very research provoking. So, I printed off the lesson pages for August and September and I will put them in a binder to keep them together and organized. I am definitely a binder person. Did I mention how excited I was? So now off to get more ink and paper......well luckily I did happen to have a huge stock of that, not always the case. I love to buy new books but I just get tired of being disappointed after spending twenty or thirty dollars on a new book! I am very impressed with what I found today. This means the 2 or 3 writing prompt books that are on my list of things to buy will not be necessary at least for now! Yay! Check it out and you are welcome in advance! I'm sure the site even has more to offer, I only looked at one little part!

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