Sunday, July 12, 2009

a chair for mother (me)

Another LINKY here!  Mustard Seed Creations is hosting a furniture feature friday.  She has some out of your imagination ideas! 
Plain, blue, smelly and dirty. But it was $3 and just my size. So I took it home and tackled it almost right away. I bought the fabric a long time ago (also cheap) in hopes of making something nice out of it someday.
Here we are just getting started with the stripping off of the old fabric. There was a skirt on this chair but I decided not to use it later.

The chair is all stripped down here. That part was no problem. I reused most of the tack stripping and used the blue pieces as an exact pattern for the new pieces putting them back on in the opposite order I took them off. I actually wrote them down as I removed them from the chair. Hint: a very good idea.

Some of the springs were sprung. So I had to repair that mess first, then on to the fun part, or so I thought that day. I am not practiced at this, so every phase was just like pulling teeth. I don't really have a lot of in-between pictures I guess.

I really stalled out when it came time to do the cushion so I was really feeling like a champion when I got past that.

Here is the completed chair, well almost; there is some hand stitching on the back that you can't see. I'm pretty pleased with it and it's just my size. My feet don't dangle just above the floor or anything like that. I was thinking that I probably won't undertake anymore furniture recovering anytime soon though! I really had to drag myself through it.


Shannon said...

The finished project looks really nice, Lady of the House!

Pat I said...

Wow, I'm impressed!!! Is there anything you CAN'T do?!

the Anne Girl said...

I wish I was as talented as you!! Recovering furniture seems like it would be very complicated.

alwayslearning said...

it is

Miss Mustard Seed said...

You are so brave to pull that chair apart like that. You did a wonderful job!