Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In case you thought this blog was boring,
I posted this picture early just this morning.
Well really, I couldn't sleep because my husband was snoring-
and isn't it great that it's no longer poring ?


Pat I. said...

Lovely picture, Jeannie. Do you need some high quality ear plugs, or is this an isolated incidence? Hope you get time for a nap!

Anonymous said...

Wow Aunt Jeanie! That is a really pretty picture!

the Anne Girl said...

AHAHHA! I like the picture and the poem. Hey, don't feel bad about not posting! I think everyone's busy these days.

lady of the house said...

it did turn out to be a nice picture! totally by accident. I plucked these "flowers" off the neighbors tree. After a few hours they wilted badly. as for the snoring, it's not a huge problem and it was about 6 when I got up, not too severe. -jeannie