Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Sunday night we went to the Omaha airport to pick up Nanny, she was coming back from Oklahoma. While we were waiting for her baggage I saw a guy that looked kind of familiar. I said, "Hey guys, that looks like Randy Anderson." They all looked at the guy and thought he sure looked like him. Then I saw another guy standing right next to him. I said, "That's got to be him, that's one of the guy's that hunts with him." So we all went over and introduced ourselves. We even got to shake his hand. All the way home Andy was saying how he could smell coyote blood on his hand. Because as you can see by the picture he is a very affective coyote hunter. He is in like five or six hunting movies and we have one of them, that's why I recognized him. Him and the guy that was with him (his name is Glenn Zink) both live in western NE.


Anonymous said...

wow I have always wanted to meet randy anderson, oh sorry I haven't introduce myself my name I jack mcknown I found your blog by googling hunting. I agree with andy I bet he did have coyote blood on his hands. who is nanny (if I may ask)?

alwayslearning said...

Nanny is our grandma.