Thursday, December 27, 2007


While we where in Colorado we went to this place called the GARDEN OF THE GODS, don't ask me why thy call it that, I never found out. It's a public park so it doesn't cost anything, and since we are cheap tourists we liked that just fine. As you can see by the pictures the Garden of the Gods is a rock garden (it took millions of years to form,just kidding). They had trails for you to walk on right around the rocks, it was a lot of fun except that you're not allowed off the trails at all. On our way out we saw a big mule deer buck and dad got within about ten yards of it and got some nice pictures (the deer was pretty tame because of all the people that come through there).They had a gift shop too but it was just like any other gift shop so I'm not going to tell you about it. It's almost supper time anyway.

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the Anne Girl said...

Wow! That park looks really neat. The rock formations look awesome!

"One day boys and girls nothing got together and exploded." I think that's my favorite quote from Kent Hovind. ;)
Surrrre, that "nothing" took millions of years to form an intracit (sp?), well designed earth, that not even professionals completely understand. Yep, I'm buying it.... (NOT!)

That buck sure has a nice rack. Too bad you just didn't happen to have your rifle with you. :)

Darn! I wanted to hear about the gift shop. Just kidding. :P