Monday, December 3, 2007


Hey everyone, its been a while since
I was here last. I shot this coyote
three weeks ago and I'm just now
getting him on the blog. I was out deer
hunting one morning and it had just
gotten light enough to shoot,(I was sitting
in a thorn bush)when I heard a noise.
I looked out into the field where the noise
was coming from and I could see something
moving out there. At first I didn't know
what it was. (I could only see its back
over the corn stalks) Then I figured out what
it was, so I got down on my belly and crawled
out to where I could get a shot at him.
I waited for him to step out of the field
then I shot him. My rifle can make a coyote
into a bloody mess, sorry girls. I would have
put some pictures of my deer on here but
they are of a very graphic nature. I sold
that coyote to a fur buyer for twelve bucks.
A few days later I shot another coyote,
but it had mange, it was so nasty I
didn't even pick it up.

Take a wild guess at what a wet coyote smells like.

If you have varmints that you want shot
just call yours truly, Bryan Buckmaster.
-alias the verminator.


Ri said...

I honestly don't think that pictures of dead deer with their guts hanging out is disgusting.... I mean I look at that stuff all the time with my dad on animals that he shoots. Its a part of nature... ya it may look gross but it is really interesting how god created his creatures! Right?! That looks like a pretty nice coyote though!

the Anne Girl said...

Awww, thanks Bryan for not posting graphic pictures. That was thoughtful of you. :) That's neat that you were able to sell the fur! Two of the boys at the Seward Fellowship we've been going to like to tan animal hides. Maybe if you get another coyote you can tan it and then use it as a rug. Not as neat as a bear skin but better than nothing.
I will have to keep you in mind as a vermantor. We occasionally come across a possum. Our neighbor trapped one, and we told him to shoot it, but he let it go down the road. :( My motto when driving is, speed up to kill any possum that attempts to cross the road (possums make horses sick, so that's why I hate them)!

Erica said...

Huh, well, Ri must be brave, cause that one Andy posted kinda grossed me out.

Didn't you show me those pictures of your deer on your phone? They were small, so I couldn't see really well--thankfully.


Erica said...
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