Monday, October 22, 2007


the hallway being repaired
can you see the hole now?

the new house

Yesterday dad and Bryan started to fix up the house. I helped some. Dad finally fixed the hole in the office ceiling and the hole Andy and Sharon made in the wall. Besides that dad did a few patches all around the house. I have been helping mom fix windows. Friday we will be closing on the new house in the country. It looks like we will be moving next spring. I think it will be a lot of fun remodeling the new place. Mom says I will learn a lot. We hope to raise some pheasants out there!

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Erica said...

Andy and Sharon made a whole in the wall? That's a hoot. I've never met Sharon...but I have met Laura! She was fun. :)

That attic was my favorite part of your new house. Oh, and the BBQ sauce! Yum! I thought it was really funny that you guaranteed Mom she wouldn't leave without taking something, and even though she denied it, she actually did take something.

"We're gonna have a garage sale!"