Monday, October 29, 2007


The top photo is at the beginning of the
day, the bottom is at the end of the day.
Dad tearing off the deck.

A dead mouse mom found under a bed
in the living room.

So far we have got quite a bit of work done. We cleaned up the main level, we got rid of the fence and the weeds in the front yard and dad pushed most of the trash into a pile with the trencher. While we were there a guy came by and asked if he could have that old van that was laying on its side and all the tires that have rims(he is going to sell them as scrap metal).The best thing was when dad ripped the back deck apart with the trencher.


Annie said...

WOW! You guys are going to have taht place cleaned up in no time. The front yard looks great! How did you get the weeds out? That's a funny picture of the dead mouse.
Well I'm glad you found a home for the tipped over truck, but I was hoping we could use it for a BB gun shooting range.

Erica said...

Tell your mom I think she should put the mouse on the garage sale. ;)

Evan said...

hey when are you going to post something new? -Evan

Kayla said...

I think that the new house will be pretty when it was done.