Monday, October 1, 2007


Buck is our Labrador Retriever. He is black as the blackest night. He can pee on more trees than any dog alive. He is a stubborn dumb dog, but he is very lovable. He stinks like the worst dump. He is four yours old but he still acts like a little puppy. The Peterson's dog, Samson, is his brother and he is the fattest Lab I have ever seen. Buck just jumped up on top of what I was writing and sort of messed up the page. Samson and Buck used to live in the same kennel and tried to dig their way out when they were just weeks old.


Annie said...

Sammy's not fat! He just seems fat because Buck and Hank are skinny. Last time we took him to vet ( a few months ago ), the vet said his weight was just right for a Lab his age!!!!

Krissy said...

Sam, It sound like you realy love your dogs! I like them too (when there not jumping on me)